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Five years ago, Sam had just relapsed with small tumors in his lungs. While faced with an extremely poor prognosis, hope showed up because of ground-breaking new research for Ewing Sarcoma.

I love hope.

I wanted to engage with hope, and funding research was the only way to improve survival rates for Ewing Sarcoma.

Fundraising for pediatric cancer research was the most foreign, uncomfortable and intimidating work I’ve ever attempted. I believed I was just a mom with no influence and mediocre intelligence, and would therefore be unsuccessful.

Today is different. Today I feel empowered, equipped, and honored. But this is not because I have become strong, influential and smart. Today is different because of community.

Today I am announcing the launch of the Sam Day Foundation and its inaugural event, the Sam Day 5K and Birthday Bash!!

In the past five years, Sam’s community has raised over $450,000 toward pediatric cancer research because of fundraisers through the Rutledge Foundation, Sunset, Cedar Mil and Terra Linda schools, the Portland Police Bureau, the Sam Day Soiree and several other events.

With energy, community, momentum, and the need to keep Sam close, the Sam Day Foundation is reframing hope.

Primary Purpose: SDF’s primary mission is to fund promising research for rare pediatric cancers! These cancers are severely underfunded, a situation most people are not aware of.

Cancer continues to be the leading cause of death by illness among children in the U.S. And 60% of those fortunate enough to survive endure multiple health issues like infertility, chronic pain, cognitive impairments, heart difficulties and high risk for secondary cancers, because the current treatments are so toxic.

Secondary Purpose: We also know how important it is for the human spirit to be cared for during cancer, so the Sam Day Foundation will fund experiences for kids with cancer and cancer related impairments. Sam’s smile was at its best when adventure and opportunity empowered him to live well.

Kids with cancer ought to be able to live well.

Bonus: Lastly, the Sam Day Foundation wants to give back to the Sunset community here in Portland Oregon, with a scholarship for a Sunset High School student who has demonstrated spirit while dealing with a physical illness or disability.

The SDF wants to carry Sam’s spirit forward with crazy fun events, big impact gifts, and meaningful relationships. SDF is not just a small non-profit, it’s a community of compassionate people who want to empower kids with cancer to survive and live well. We’re going to laugh and cry and connect and give and we’re all going to be better for it.

The Northwest needs this. Someone needs to tell these kids “we’re fighting for you!!” The Sam Day Foundation is up for the task.

I fought Sam’s cancer for six years and I loved him with a crazy kind of love. The world lost an incredible kid and my heart needs a way to keep loving him.

I’m not done loving Sam and I’m not done fighting cancer.

Be a part of the community! Help us with a startup gift, sign up to volunteer, or put your name on the list for ongoing information! Let’s make some noise so kids with rare cancer can survive and live well. And remember what Sam taught us…

Dream big. Laugh often. Live well.

**While our non-profit status is pending, donations can be made by check and mailed to PO Box 91143. Portland, OR. 97291. We anticipate approval by the IRS any day now.

Donations can also be made through the SD5K registration page.

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